Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Liberal Agenda

I was reading my Rolling Stone Magazine today while I was at the gym. I like to read about celebrities and music and the lives of famous people. I love music so much and love to know about the geniuses behind it. So I tend to avoid the politics of it and be aware of the angle of every article.

I was pretty anxious to read the one about plastic bags, who is fighting against them, who is fighting to keep them, etc. I recycle and re-use my plastic bags all the time. In fact, last time I went to the store, I brought my same plastic bags from last time to use again. I think we should take better care of the planet, and I try to do my small part.

I couldn't help but notice this graph at the bottom of the article...

Click them for full size.

I find it ironic that those things "with us" root for energy efficient cars, renewable energy, and the curbing of pollution... But those things "against us" consist of a beer shortage, someone fighting pornography, and the restriction of medical marijuana.

Really though? I just don't see how I can see things so similarly and so differently from these people. I want to take care of the planet and recycle and work for renewable energy and energy efficiency. But I also do not support substance abuse or pornography.

I just thought it was kind of interesting (and a little bit sick) that they'd be so blatant and clear about the things they are against which I consider to be a plague on society. At least they're not hiding their agenda, I guess.


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