Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

From Audrey:
-A cute headband

From Kara:
-A cute hat

From Aaron:
-A cute hat

From Rachel:
-Two pair of Christmas socks
-A red scarf
-Giant Mr. Goodbar

From Pam:
-Fuzzy socks

From Kelly:
-Coach wallet

From my cousin Brenda:
-A recipe book of my late grandmother's handwritten recipes

From Carmen:
-A ceramic mug plate
-A half apron
-A recipe book of appetizers

From Jared:
-A Relaxation Fountain

From Jake:
-A really cute mini easel and canvas with a bead bracelet

From Jason:
-Lots of cuss words and hostility and violence and drug addiction and drama

From my parents:
-An arm band for my iPod
-Newest Radiohead album
-Lots of candy (dark Dove chocolate, dark chocolate with almonds, 60% Ghirardelli squares, candy cane Kisses, Holiday Tic Tacs)
-Petit Ecolier cookies
-Bahama & Co. Scented necklace
-Loofah sponge
-Drain snake
-Zit extractor
-$10 Target gift card
-A darling black coat
-Clinique Happy
-A makeup bag and Clinique makeup
-Clothing iron
-Wireless router
-New white robe
-Sports bra and new workout clothes
-Palm tree "I'd rather be at the beach" license plate frames
-California mug
-Christmas classics DVDs (Rudolph, Frosty, Santa Claus, etc.)
-Christmas Carol DVD

From my grandpa Gabe:
-Card and money

From my grandparents:

My family all liked the presents I made them--Message frames to promote kind words and love in the house, and heated rice bags scented like lavender vanilla.

Jev and I made leftover ham and eggs and toast for breakfast.

I posted the frames up on everyone's doors.

Mom and I went to church. The talks were really good.

Then I spent the day cleaning the dining room and family room for dinner. I also helped mom with some of the pie stuff. The house looks good and hopefully the pies taste good.

I'd rather forget about the less-than-positive aspects of this Christmas day, suffice it to say it was drug related and has pushed my family beyond what any family deserves to experience.

I will hope that this clean house, yummy food, and company later will make it a little better. I do hope your Christmas was at least a little merrier than my family's.

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StacyB said...

In spite of it all, we love you and are so happy you are home with us. Thank you for everything!