Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Date and Other News

I had the privilege of going on yet another date with the handsome Aaron last night. We went to Planet Play, where he had a $20 certificate to spend on games and activities. We also ate at the pizza buffet. I'm not sure either of us was super impressed with the food, but we were hungry, so we really didn't care a whole lot.

When you walk in, there's a big area to the right for parties. Up on the left there's the buffet. There's a dining room off to the right where we ate. Then the whole back area was where you "play." We did lots of arcade games. Aaron beat me at the car race. We played football and basketball arcade games--yep, even ME! We did a target shooting game which was fun. The gun was super heavy though. Yikes. We played a round of mini golf where someone saved us like $3.50 by giving us an extra golf ball, so that was awesome. We also did mini bowling, which was really fun and very different. I liked it. We just took turns playing on that one lane. We did not do bumper cars, go-karts, or laser tag. Of the games we did play, we used our tickets on such wonderful prizes as: a huge diamond ring, a slap bracelet, an air fist launcher, and something else I can't remember. I'm sure you can guess who got what.

After eating and playing, we headed to the dollar theater and saw The Three Musketeers. There was some corny writing in it--lines where you just knew someone was trying way too hard, but I thought it was pretty well-paced and entertaining. That little D'Artagnan was so darling! Cutest 17 year old I think I've ever seen. I'm totally guessing at his age, but he really is a cute boy. The movie was also good for all the snuggle time I got! I wish the seat arms at the dollar theater would lift up so it could be a little more cuddle friendly, but it was all managed anyway.

It was a pretty fun night, I thought! Thanks, Aaron!

Today I woke up and had tithing settlement with the bishop. It was a GREAT appointment. Seriously, amazing. When things are of a very spiritual and personal nature to me, I don't usually feel OK about sharing it. It sufficeth me to say that I may be taking some very big steps in the next few months if I can keep my act together.

My companion and I visit taught two of our teachees today also, which went really well. I'll do the third tomorrow before church.

Also, I finished BOTH of my craft Christmas projects for my family today. I'll post pictures and explanations later because you never know when the parents will check the blog. It was a lot, lot, lot of work! Like hours of work and frustration and learning curves. But it all turned out really awesomely, I think. My apartment is finally a little more livable.

Tomorrow I've got lots of baking to do and can hopefully get it all done and most of it delivered. I need to sleep. I also need a massage. I'm thinking I can only make one of those dreams come true. Right now.

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