Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cruel to Be Kind

In online dating, I get messages from very, very homely guys.

We're talking Quasimodo status, here, people. 

Or sometimes it's old men. 

Sometimes it's fat men.

Sometimes it's all of the above. 

Guess what I do!

I don't respond. 

This might seem super shallow or snobby or bratty or conceited or whatever other negative names you can come up with. But let me explain... 

If you've seen my track record, you know I haven't dated a slew of really attractive men. Most of them have been average at best. So don't jump the gun on calling me names. The thing is, most of my relationships have started as friendships and then developed into something more. Or if it didn't start with that limitation, then I could initially see myself looking past the fact that they didn't look like Jason Momoa. 

I know, right? 

Anyway, I can accept average, or even slightly below average, if I get to know somebody really well. How do you not come to care about somebody after investing a lot of time, you know? 

I could respond and be very polite to these guys. It could be like that kid in class you talk to because you sit next to that person, or they need a friend, but you know it never would be anything more; you're just trying to be nice, right? After enough time passes, though, somebody always gets attached. Someone gets hurt because their feelings are not returned. 

I'm just being honest in saying that there are some things I could never get past and some people I could never be attracted to. It's almost like, why even bother being nice or developing a friendship if there is a possibility of hurting somebody down the road? 

So, call me a shallow witch all you want. I'll take that label from the get-go rather than be a heart breaker later on. 

Just sayin'. 

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