Friday, December 4, 2015

A Step Forward

I have a lot of blog posts that I want to and need to post. 

For today though, I'll just talk about today. 

It's a Friday, which is already good. 

It started off with donuts, which is also good. 

Then in walked a friend and coworker to my classroom with a Christmas card for me. I opened it, just excited to be getting a card and the words inside were beautiful. Not only that, but there was a $100 bill in there. My mouth fell open. What on earth? This was so unexpected, and too much. I ran up to her classroom and hugged her and yelled at her saying it was too much, and she must be kidding. How amazing and sweet is she? Wow. I have been in awe all day from her generosity and love. 

My kids were pretty good today, too. Especially for a short day and Friday. 

I got an email early this morning from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I did a free trial a couple months ago, and talked with my rep, telling him I wouldn't be able to start the program financially until February. They've emailed me for months with random temporary deals. I just delete them because they literally email me every other day. But not today. Today, it was a "today only" deal. And the deal was, "No payments until February." This is exactly what I wanted and needed. So I called and picked the program I wanted to do. There's no interest or anything. 

I am now enrolled in the Certified Personal Trainer program through NASM. My book is in the mail. And I can start my online course whenever I'm ready. It includes weekly quizzes, midterms, and a final exam. 

I went to donate plasma today, but my hermatocrit was too low by 1 point. :( I even had egg whites, spinach, and Shakeology today. Dang you, low iron! But it's OK.

I came home and did an Insanity workout and ran a mile. I copied my music and document files onto my newish laptop, so everything's pretty much all set up like I need. 

My roommate and I went to TGI Friday's for dinner. I had a coupon. We got a couple things at Michael's and Wal-Mart (including a new tree topper that is sadly too heavy for my little tree). And we got Cold Stone. Because you know. I wanted to feel like hurling the rest of the night. 

Since getting home, I've uploaded a lot of pictures I need for a Christmas project I'm working on. And I also taught myself how to make a Windows backup disc, and have begun a formal reset of my old laptop so my roommate can use it. 

I'm feeling happy, accomplished, and very smart today. 

Most of all, I'm satisfied to have taken a step in the direction of my goals, regardless of how life has kicked me around this year.

Soldier on, and happy Friday! 

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