Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

I always make a list of everything I got for Christmas, whether it was a material item or not. I've clarified before that I'm not sure why I do this. I just like lists, and it's fun to look back on Christmases from years prior.

Coming soon, I'm going to write a gift buying guide because many people say I'm a great gift-giver.

This year…

From Carmen I got
-          A rainbow scarf
-          A coffee set (had to give it to my brother)

From my roommates
-          A Wal-mart gift card
-          Sliding fitness disks

From Kristen
-          A TGI Friday's Gift card

From Julie
-          An awesome house plant

From Rachel
-          A letter
-          A big mug and hot chocolate from World Market

From Parents
-          Workout bottoms
-          Better Than Before paperback
-          Cash (I’m gonna get a grill what what!)
-          Thor DVD
-          M&Ms
-          Dove dark promises with almonds
-          Dish towels
-          Knife set
-          Mason Jar lamp

From Jason
-          A sapphire/gold plated ring
-          A coconut lime candle
-          A card

From Jake
-          A letter

From Jared
-          Slipper socks
-          A letter

From students
-          A candle + holder
-          Letter and Hershey bar
-          Lindor truffles
-          Fudge
-          Muffin
-          Letter
-          Letter and $1 (so cute)
-          Popcorn
-          A homemade card
-          World’s Finest dark chocolate bar
-          Hot cocoa kit
-          Scentsy wax and Lindt chocolate bar

From my coworkers
-          A card and cash (so crazy)
-          Starbucks mug and hot chocolate
-          Caramel corn
-          World’s Finest chocolate covered almonds

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