Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Away We Go

I don't know how many of you take my movie suggestions into consideration, but I most enjoyed Away We Go, which I watched tonight shortly after I got home.

There are a few reasons I loved it. But the only one I really want to address is this movie's totally raw and realistic approach to parenthood. I adored the characters and their desire to provide a good home and family for the baby they were bringing into the world.

It was incredibly entertaining, with totally out there, hilarious characters. But my favorite characters were Verona and Burt's college friends Tom and Munch Garnett.

I am so obsessed with words that I will sit down and pause and play and pause and play a movie part to type out everything in a scene that I like. So I wanted to share with you what I thought was one of the most touching moments in the movie. Tom explains how to keep a family together:

Tom: What you need to be happy and sane is this! *holds up syrup* Watch this, OK? Here’s you two guys. OK, here’s you two guys. OK, so you kiss, you do other things, and then you make a baby. Baby comes in there and nestles in and you guys come and you get real tight. And then you do this, and this, and there *sticking toothpicks in pancakes*, and this *places coaster on top*. It’s your house. What is this? Is that a home? Is that a family? No! No, of course not. That’s just the raw material—the people, the walls, the furniture. OK so that’s the basics, but that’s not a home! That’s not a family. What binds it all together is this! *holds up syrup again* This is love.

*Pours syrup on toothpick home*

This is your love guys. Here it comes: patience, your consideration, your better selves. Man you just have no idea how good you can be, but you have to use all of it—all of it! It’s not like simple masonry where you use a little layer of mortar between each row of bricks. No, with this, you have to use tons of it. For every brick there’s a half ton of mortar.

Verona: I thought we were talking about syrup.

Tom: Mortar, syrup, syrup, mortar, it’s all the same; it’s the glue. It’s all those good things you have in you—the love, the wisdom, the generosity, the selflessness, the patience. The patience! At 3 am when everyone’s awake because Ibrahim is sick, and he can’t find the bathroom, and he just puked in Katya’s bed. Patience when you blink—when you blink—and it’s 5:30 and it’s time to get up again and you know you’re going to be tired all day, all week, all your *expletive* life and you’re thinking, “What happened to Greece? What happened to swimming naked off the coast of Greece?” And you have to be willing to make the family out of whatever you have.

Munch: You have to be so much better than you ever thought.

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