Saturday, September 5, 2009

Banana Bread and Satin

I'm making my first attempt at banana bread. It is in the oven right now. I can smell it as I type. And it smells oh so delicious. Let's hope I'm successful.

In other news, I've decided I need to make it a priority to record my funny, frustrating, and saddening stories from my first year of teaching.

I'll start with the first couple. I have several already, but some of them aren't funny without names, and if I changed the names, I don't think they'd be as funny. Anyway, stories one and two, both having to do with the same student whom we'll falsely call Aiden.

I have a very noisy student. I think he's great, and hilarious, which is tricky for disciplining. How can I discipline if I laugh? Anyway, he likes to make noise in whatever way he can. One day while I was going over the syllabus, he finally stopped talking. But while I was talking, he was picking up his pen and dropping it on his desk repeatedly. Every three seconds or so, one could hear a very loud crash on a desk right in front of me. Finally, I stopped, slowly turned to Aiden, and said, "Aiden, gravity works... Every time."

Laughter broke out in the classroom, and Aiden slowly set his pen down and looked up at me sheepishly, embarrassed at the noise he had been making and the spectacle I had made of him.

Story number two: I passed out questionnaires to get to know my students. My first question asks about nicknames. Specifically, "Do you have a nickname, or another name you want to go by?" After completing their surveys, the students put them in their basket to turn in work. But Aiden proudly marched up to me, wanting to show me what his nickname is, proclaiming (as he pointed at his paper), "People really do call me this!" I stopped, looked at him, and asked, "People call you 'satin'?" He protested frustratedly, "NO! How do you spell it?!" And the last student across the room, on his way out, says, "It's S-a-t-a-n."

New name?: Aiden Satin.

I'll take pictures of my banana bread when it's done.

Teacher, out.

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Lace said...

I am so glad you have at least one devil in your class! Much better than having a boring bolt of fabric :) How was the bread?!