Saturday, September 26, 2009

Miss Balibrea Called on Me

I had my students write a journal entry the other day which was related to our reading. I asked them to recall a time when something bad happened, and they blamed themselves for it.

I had a lot of really touching, serious entries. Some students blamed themselves for their parents leaving, or dying, or for their siblings getting hurt, or their animals dying.

But my favorite, I think, was from a quiet girl in the back of one of my classes. She said,

"The time I remember was in here. Miss Balibrea [yes, she used my name like this in a journal entry that I get to read] called on me and asked a question, but I couldn't answer. I was only sort of half way paying attention, and so I couldn't answer. That was my fault."

haha. I'm not sure what the "bad happening" was, but I'm glad she felt silly for not paying attention. Pretty much killed me.


I also graded some papers recently where I asked the students to predict some things in the novel. One question was regarding Gram, who is old and who got bitten by a snake. I gave them lots of page numbers to hint at Gram's worsening state so that they could predict her death. One student answered it best,

"She's a dead woman."

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StacyB said...

At least you get plenty of humor to counter act the stress!