Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well, after taking off at 10:45 AM Utah time yesterday, landing in Phoenix, taking off again at 1:55, landing in Honolulu, and then taking off at 6:50 and landing in Kona, I am finally at my destination.

I started reading The Hunger Games yesterday to keep my brain occupied. I just finished  it a few minutes ago. I think everyone saying how good it is has made me think it's not so good as everyone said. But it was enjoyable. I did finish it in two days, after all.

On the flight from Phoenix to Honolulu I was next to a really cool couple from Maryland who were talking about their daughter's terrible school and district so I got into a conversation with them. When we started going over the islands, Rob asked me if I'd like to switch seats with him so I could see out the window. They had already been out here two or three times before. I thought that was super nice of him.

Looking down at the islands was pretty amazing. It was actually a really spiritual time for me. I fought back tears as I looked at the place where so many of my ancestors have lived, where so much culture thrives, and where so much beauty is. I was overwhelmed to say the least. It was beautiful and amazing.

Getting off the plane in Honolulu, I was met with the water in the air so quickly that the air escaped my lungs before I could say, "HUMID!" Yikes.

I was exhausted when I finally got to Kona but Krystle was very prompt in picking me up, and I was so glad I made it all the way there without any hassle or delays, and that my bag made it without getting lost, too! It was a really painless trip aside from it being long.

I almost fell over on Krystle inside Target. haha. I got some sun block so I wouldn't get funky tan lines. Then I ate a bagel and chatted Krystle up, then went to sleep. I got up at 6:30 AM due to the time change (10:30 Utah time).

We're house sitting at her friends' house here in Kona. It's beautiful, with an ocean view. I tried to get pictures but my camera died and it has since gotten hazy. But we'll be here for a few days.

I guess we're heading to the beach today or something so that should be fun. Krystle's going to show me the sights on the big island, and I have my great grandpa's information ready to take to the temple for his baptism and confirmation. I also found a meetinghouse for church Sunday. So I'm pretty excited for that.

I love my skin here in this moisture. Friggin' Utah.

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