Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pish Posh

My days are really boring lately. Good thing I'm going to Hawaii in FOUR days with this girl!

Oh I love her.

Dismiss that I look like a demon, please.

In other news, I received this awesome going away present from the middle school--my caricature on a plate!

And I have a new favorite product.

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter. $4 at Big Lots! You mean I can smell like Hawaiian Tropic ALL day, tanning or no tanning, sun or clouds, summer or winter? DEAL!

Mmmm.... It's my favorite.


Lisa Petrarca said...

Oh Big Lots...I live there! Gonna have to find it. YAY you're going to Hawaii. Make sure you take TONS of pics & update your blog daily so we can feel like we're there with ya!

Oh BTW I like your crazy eye look!LOL! SEXY MAMA!

Rachel said...

ooooh krystle!!!

tell her i said hi and that i miss her! :)

hope you guys have a blast!