Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh Happy Day

I love good deals.

Several weeks ago I went to Sally Beauty Supply to see how much their eyelash curlers are. Uh. $17. Are they out of their minds?! Hell no I'm not paying seventeen dollars. Imma goin' to the dollar store.

Guess how much an eyelash curler was there? Oh right. A dollar! It works like a champ. I love it. I also got a lovely facial brush for $1.

Tonight I sold 6 Blockbuster Rewards, and last night I sold 5. That earns me two free movies from my new manager. Sweeeeet. I picked out Transformers. I'll pick out my other one later.

I'm waiting for 3 for $20 so I can get Men Who Stare at Goats, Sherlock Holmes, and Up in the Air.

I purchased 5 posters for $10 at work tonight. Three are for my new apartment (Beatles, Alice in Wonderland, and James Dean). Two are for my brothers (Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix). I love my discount.

I rented Shutter Island for $1 so I can watch it with my favorite COUSIN tomorrow. I don't get it free at the Block for a couple more weeks so a dollar is good!

I love good purchases. I really, really do.

I also received a Super Nintendo in the mail from my Mimi's house. My mom and uncle packed the wrong games, so I anxiously await my Super Mario World so I can conquer it for the hundredth time in my life. I tried Yoshi's Island today and basically failed miserably, but hey! At least I tried, right?

Also, I like a boy.

I hesitate to even mention anything about it, but at least it's on the record in case something does develop, eh?

Wish me llluuuuckkk...

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