Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Move: Pwned

Just to start, does this scream irony at anyone besides me?

OK. Now that we have that out of the way.

This is my bedroom set. I only got the headboard, mirror, dresser, and night stand. But, it was a four piece set for $500. And mine is black, however brown this picture may look.

In addition to the fact that it's totally gorgeous... I also figured out that it will all fit in my room easily!

My table at I.M. Home didn't work out, and I'm SO glad because then I could get the one I really wanted.

It was only $200 ($20 cheaper than the first table, and $20 cheaper than Big Logs had it for)! It looks beautiful and fits perfectly in my apartment.

I went to Ikea to see my options for a coffee table. My mother thought that a black table would be too dark for my couch set ($600, RC Willey), which is this one:

My cushions are reddish brown by the way. 

The table I wanted at Ikea was only $100 and black, but they had no more. And thank heaven for that because...

I checked my mailbox here at Stillwater and got a coupon for 10% off my entire order at Overstock.com. I decided to see if they had any coffee tables. Guess what I found?

It matches my kitchen table! And, with 10% off, it was only $108! Plus tax and $3 shipping. A beautiful matching coffee table for $119! That's what I'm talking about.

Also, don't worry that Big Lots has a matching end table with a lamp on it. It had no price tag on it, so I'm going to go back later and check if it's available to buy.

I'm kind of amazed at how everything is coming together though, seriously? Like when I think I missed out on one boat, a better opportunity arises. Like when we went back to look at my TV to show my mom and grandma, they had knocked it down 20 more bucks. So since it was within a week, they took $20 off my invoice. Yeah!

I also tried Qwest internet. It was activated the day they said it would be. My modem and wireless router work perfectly (I am in the living room, and the internet stuff is in my bedroom). It has yet to fail me. Their customer service was pretty fantastic as well, super easy to call and set up my internet.

At Ikea, I did find a desk! And put it together all by myself, in two hours. It took a long time; it was hard trying to hold everything together myself with no help.

I love it. It fits perfectly in my living room. So until today I was using my  kitchen stool to sit at my desk. But I found this beauty at Big Lots for $50:

I put that together myself about an hour ago and am now sitting comfortably in my luxurious leather chair. 

Don't worry also that my moving day had a totally rough start (having to get to the apt. at 7:30 AM for the delivery of my stuff, when I couldn't move in to the apt. till 9 AM, had to sit and wait with my couches and table and TV, went to get my keys, couldn't pay 1st month's rent with a card, tried to get a money order, couldn't do it till 10 AM, waited till 10 AM, they said I had to do it with cash--freaking wow, finally saw the Chase that was right across the street that whole time, could've gone at 9 AM, went and got a cashier's check, and finally got into the apartment). My brother, cousin Tyler, and I basically did EVERYTHING! It was pretty impressive and amazing. Those boys were incredibly helpful. We three had to get the couch and chaise through my little door. We were rejoicing, giving high fives, etc.

So now I'll have a matching kitchen and coffee table, possibly an end table, if it's for sale...

My DirecTV didn't work out because they couldn't mount the satellite in a place that they could direct it appropriately. I'm not allowed to mount a satellite anywhere except the balcony bars--not on the roof. So I got all the channels Comcast offers, plus HBO, for 6 months for $30. I just have to figure out a DVR situation because I really want DVR. So we'll see.

I'm waiting on my bedroom set, hopefully by the end of the week. I'm sleeping on an air mattress till then. Thanks Raytch! And anxiously awaiting that coffee table.

Also I got a microwave for $59, and a vacuum for $50. They're both really good and were a super good deal. Thanks mom! 

I had to get my safety and emissions done because I need to register my car. I got a deal with my teachers' union thing through Larry H. Miller, free emissions with inspection. I paid $27.50! I saved $17.50, because other places were charging $45 and $47. With a $10 coupon I got for the $45 place, I could have paid $35, but I only paid $27.50 at Miller! How awesome is that?

Also I had to get some more stuff at Big Lots and earned my 20% off purchase! So I saved $20 by doing that. Figure out how much I spent at Big Lots, why don't you? ;)

I've spent a lot of money but have done a good job distributing it and finding the best deals possible before committing to what I've purchased. I'm pretty proud of all of this and am feeling super grown up right now.

The job is starting to weigh on me. I tried to get down to business yesterday and should find it much easier to focus tomorrow as I will be there all day trying to plan for my reading class and my English classes. :) Back to Big Lots for that end table. I now have cable TV--those guys only took 20 minutes while I was writing my blog to set up my TV! Awesome. Uncle Dave is coming to mount my TV and shelf. Oh it's going to be so beautiful when it's finished. And it won't be finished anytime soon, since bathroom towels/decor and whatnot is yet to come.

Lots to do, lots to be thankful for. But pray that I'll be safe in this apartment alone. :)

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