Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Kicks

Did I mention that while I was packing my desk drawers up the other day, I came across a package from my old babysitter? I fumbled through it and found $6 in cash. Score.

Today I had to try to get my phone fixed. My friend works for Sprint and is amazing and helps me every time I go in. I love her. Thanks Rheanna! She fixed it and it hasn't shut down yet. It got wet at Six Flags. Awesome, I know.

I went to Best Buy to check on the problem with my computer not charging... I was hoping it was the cord and NOT my computer. My positive energy has been answered! The problem was with the adapter portion of the cord. Best Buy is stupid and he didn't suggest replacing it for me. HP was stupid and said Best Buy would have to replace it. So I'm just going a different route and paying $20 for a new cord with NO silly adapter, from a different company. $20 versus the $80 I paid is kind of miraculous. And I'm SO glad it was my cord and not the hardware of my computer. That makes me so, so happy.

Also, I got a deal on satellite and internet for $67 per month. I'm pretty stoked about it. I get a DVR, and a $50 prepaid VISA card also. Yep.

I saw while I was going to Best Buy that Shoe Carnival was having a sale, buy one get one 1/2 off. I wanted some Chucks so I could be comfortable teaching all day, and thought I'd find another pair too. Oh, did I!

Your basic Converse. Haven't had them since 2nd grade. I no longer have to worry about stupid labels attached to such things and can rock them with dressy clothes. Woot. Did I also mention that dude Converse were $5 cheaper than women's? So of course I got the dude ones. Duh.

Check those out! I know, right? I walked by them on display and said, "Man, those are hot!" Then I checked the sizes, and they didn't have mine. I walked away, head hanging low in disappointment. After looking around some more, I thought I'd give them another shot. I tried on the size 6 pair (usually I'm 5 or 5.5), and they FIT! I was ecstatic. Got those puppies for $20. That's right. I'm in love.

$6 in a drawer. Non-broken computer. Non-broken phone. Cheap satellite and internet. $20 hot shoes. 

/end of positive post. I win!

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Lisa Petrarca said...

Hey Nae, glad you found you chucks...I LOVE mine. They are falling apart but I can't part with them!