Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm a Checklist Girl

The only things in the way of me and California:

-Cleaning for cleaning checks
-One more final
-Car safety/emissions (and registration)
-Return a movie
-Return books to the school library
-Print boarding pass
-A plane ride

That means that from this list, I have
-Written a 1-page perception paper
-Done a ten minute presentation on Franklin
-Written an 8-page paper on Little No Horse and Mister Pip
-Written a 1-page outline of the above paper and presented it at the final
-Fixed my unit plan, assessment, rubrics, rationale, goals, and three lesson plans, and submitted them electronically
-Written a 1600 word paper for my teaching reading final, and taken the oral final

And today I have:
-Finished a 15-page paper including works cited for my 495 class
-Written my 1-page final, and submitted this and the above electronically
-Finished parts B, C, and D of my Teacher Work Sample

Um, yep. I'm pretty awesome. ;)

Do you hear that? The waves... They're calling me...

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StacyB said...

I hear the waves yelling................JANAE!