Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Peek into My Dresser

OK, so, I have a cute mom. I love her. And she loves me.

She likes to show this love (and demonstrate her thoughtfulness) by buying things for me.

I've noticed a trend in all of this frequent gift-giving of my mom's.

It started with comfy shorts and potential gym gear...

Then when she saw something else I could wear around the house... She couldn't resist the urge. Especially when it has an Angels logo on it.

Many moons ago, I had a thing for Snoopy. So she bought me these pajama pants.

For Christmas in 2007, I received these lovely, comfy pajamas...

Yes, red satin. There is a long sleeved shirt to go with this.

For Christmas in 2008, I received some nice Victoria's Secret pajamas...

These came with a matching shirt and slippers.

Come my birthday, two months later... She couldn't help but buy me these...

I get lots of Valentine's things for my birthday. Not only are they red and covered in hearts, they came complete with pockets AND a hole in the crotch, for those late night bathroom trips.

But wait! She couldn't stop. So in April she came across these!

So I am pretty sure that my mother has me set for life both in the Angels gear department, as well as the sleep gear department.

I'll be able to wear a different pair every night. My ever-rotating pajama wardrobe.

Thanks, Mom! ;)


StacyB said...

You're welcome...
I'm very concerned about your comfort;)

April said...

What a nice mom you have!!!