Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Fun California Trip

The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things...

Of ships and shoes and sealing wax,

and California flings!

Here is my itinerary.

Day 1, April 21: Fly in to Ontario at 10 AM. That's right, I need an early start.

Spend the day at the beach with my favorite people. That means you. Whoever wants to come. Justin and I are going for sure, and maybe Jason will want to come con su novia or something... But that's where I'm headed on Day 1 and staying. I need to be brown, and I need to hear the waves, and I need to feel the sand between my toes.

Spend the evening with my family, especially my daddy :)

Day 2, April 22: Beach again? I originally scheduled incorrectly, so this day is free. Maybe fishing with Dad? Lunch with someone?

Day 3, April 23: Possibly lunch with Ashley? Or another day at the beach while consuming lunch.

In the evening Allyn, Justin, and I are headed to Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles to see Elizabeth and the Catapult. Why? Because all the cool kids are doing it.

Day 4, April 24: Early afternoon movie with Greg? Which movie? The Soloist.

5:30ish, leave for the Angels game with my favorite second cousin, Jason, and mis padres. It's against the Mariners, and it's Big Bang Friday! Yay for fireworks.

Check out these seats, yo!

Section 212, terrace view. Row H, aisle seats.

Movie with Justin after? Who knows?

Day 5, April 25: A day wandering the Newport Beach Temple with my little brothers and my mom... Possibly Justin? It's beautiful, and what better way to spend a Saturday?

That evening I will spend at a get-together thing with my friend Kristina.

Day 6, April 26: Church and a day at home with the family. Hopefully a delicious dinner prepared by my mother's talented hands. Maybe I can hang with someone else this day? Allyn? Amber?

Day 7, April 27: Leave Ontario airport at 10:30 AM, get back to Salt Lake at 3 PM.

I am excited for this rather fast break.

Now for the hard part:

A presentation, two more papers, three lesson plans, a fixed unit plan, a fixed assessment, and three finals (the fourth one isn't actually a final).

Let's do this!


April said...

I'd love to spend my b-day at the beach with you!!! Thanks for the invite!

Shivey said...

Who the hell is Justin? ...and why don't you have on your little itinerary for the 25th that you will be wishing me a freaking happy birthday?! Geez.

MovieFiend said...
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StacyB said...

I can't wait for you to come home. Please get well...you have an amazing agenda. The madre is going to make some awesome meals, and I don't want to have to make the "burn it out of you chicken soup".