Thursday, April 16, 2009

Really, Though?

So I spoke too soon. Just when I said, "I'm so grateful I didn't get sick all semester so I could just focus on school..." my body was like, "OK, I'm done now." Then I got sick. I thought it was allergies because I was constantly sneezing, had itchy eyes, and had to keep blowing my nose.

The next day, after rain and snow, my "allergies" didn't go away. Then a headache kicked in. Then the glands in my neck started swelling, and my neck started to stiffen.

But I refuse to acknowledge this as a full-fledged sickness. I took an Emergen-C last night, and got myself a Berry Topper with daily vitamin boost this morning. Berries are full of anti-oxidants, and the Berry Topper also has strawberries, bananas, yogurt (cultures are good!), soymilk, and granola. Daily vitamin boost has:

Needless to say, I am mentally combating this guy because I refuse to be sick when I come home next week.

I tried, also, to spend a little bit more time on my makeup today so that I look cute and not sick. Just another way for me to deny this yuckiness.

I need to say that I've never hated snow more in my life than I do right now. I wasn't anticipating snow yesterday, so I wore my regular slip on shoes. I guess BYU wasn't anticipating it either because they apparently refused to scrape the sidewalks which were full of sopping sleet. It was a treacherous walk back to my car yesterday from the JFSB. Took about fifteen minutes or more, and for more than half the walk, I had about an inch of water in my shoes. My socks were soaked, I couldn't feel my toes, and the bottom of my jeans was soaked about 5 inches up. It was horrendous. I'm sure it encouraged my sickness forward.

So this morning after trying to look cute and whatnot, I start walking to work along the sidewalk which is lined by trees... Trees with branches being weighed down by snow... Apparently I walked under one of them when he was waiting for the opportune moment, because he dumped about two pounds of snow right on my head. Do you realize the precision of that timing, guys? There was no one behind me or in front of me. Had I maybe done a random hop, skip, and a jump, it would have missed me. But no, right when I walked under it, the tree released his load. Snow was on my Berry Topper. Snow was in my hair. Snow was on my shirt. And snow was on my jeans. It was also down the back of my coat.

Had I been walking behind me, I'd have laughed and laughed. But since I wasn't, it wasn't funny.

Thanks, tree. Thanks, Utah weather. I appreciate this prolonged misery.


carissa anne said...

SNOW?! that's terrible. and here i've been complaining about cold rain and wind. if we went back to snow, i'd cry.

amelia said...

Being sick - especially during finals - is NO fun. Ha, that same snow-from-tree-on-head happened to me snowshoeing a few months ago. I was with a group of people, though, so they all had a good laugh.