Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Bad

On Monday night I got back from the gym, showered, and sat at the table to work on a puzzle while I waited for a hot dog to cook.

I put a Diet Coke Plus in the freezer so it'd get cold in a hurry, thinking I'd just take it out in 40 minutes or so.

I forgot.

My bad.

On Tuesday night, I got back from Institute and there was a note on the white board: "The freezer needs to be cleaned!" I was really confused by this, like, "Well, then clean it?" Then I opened the freezer, saw the frozen Coke explosion, and was like, "Oh yeeeaahhh... I forgot about that." I took all the stuff out and cleaned the freezer, laughing the whole time. I thought it was so funny.

I doubt my roommate was as amused, given her white board note. But you just have to laugh at these things sometimes.

I wish I had taken pictures. Coke shards were all along the bottom shelf. Frozen Coke remnants were on the ice rack. They were around the sides and top where the door is. They were on my roommate's frozen bread, and on microwavable dinners. They were in the freezer door. Oh, it was so awesome. :)

It was some good entertainment for me, but that's the last time I do that.

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April said...

Silly Janae! Live and learn ha?!!