Friday, July 17, 2009


Seriously, guys.

Hands down, one of the best concerts I've EVER been to. I am a new fan of outdoor concert venues. I loved Death Cab outside last year at Thanksgiving Point, and I loved Incubus outside this year at USANA Amphitheatre.

Granted, it was over 90° yesterday. I was not a happy camper in the heat. We got to the show around 6:30. It was supposed to start around 7:30. We endured the heat and the opening band which I didn't care for. The sun didn't go down till like 9. So that was almost 3 hours of standing in the heat, dripping sweat, getting progressively un-cute after trying so hard to look cute for Brandon.

Thankfully though, I got to enjoy Incubus when the sun went down. What was SO great about being outside was that we could count on fresh air and an occasional breeze. At indoor venues, if it's hot outside, it's hot AND stuffy inside. So this was way nicer. Not only that, but I was up at the front! No one was blocking my 5 foot tall view.

We were next to some freaking AWESOME people. One girl is now my friend on Facebook, and she is fabulous.

I took about a million pictures because I've been obsessed with Brandon Boyd (the lead singer) since I was about 13. I'm pretty sure he is God's gift to the earth.

The music was AMAZING. They played so well. Brandon's singing voice floored me. He was soooo great. Hit every note in every song. He could sing me to sleep any day, tell you what. While I had a lot of fun rocking out, I sometimes forgot about the music because I was kind of just in awe of his beauty... Then I was like, "Oh shoot, I'm drooling," and had to regain my composure.

I took a video at the beginning through the chorus of every song, so I could remember what the order was of their set. They did two of my favorite songs in a row: "Drive" and "Talk Shows on Mute." I think those are the only two songs I did full-length recordings of.

Click here to go to my Facebook album to see all the pictures from the show. I'll just post a few of my favorites here.

Me and Bry.

This is a video I took to give an idea of where we were standing and what the venue was like:

They opened with "Privilege," which is one of my favorites off the Make Yourself album. They went straight into "Pardon Me," and Lindsay and I went nuts. haha. I love that song. They did "Nice to Know You," which was a fabulous rock out experience...

Just come out on stage. :)

"Anna Molly" was delicious.

Anna Molly, hopefully there's not too much of my singing. I can't hear with so many people and such loud amps, so I apologize if you hear my off-keyness.

"Stellar" was stellar. Next was "Megalomaniac," and it was awesome. Then "Love Hurts," wherein Brandon's vocals sound great!

Love Hurts... But sometimes it's a good hurt, and it feels like I'm alive...

Pretty sure he is really hot...

Then they did "Drive," which was of course, for me, because it's the best song ever. I won't do a video of that because I was singing through the whole thing. Plus it got split into two because they had a technical difficulty, sadly. Still finished strong.

"Talk Shows on Mute"--so good!

During "Drive" and "Talk Shows."

"Dig" was lovely and mellow, and everyone ad-libbed his double breath at the beginning! So funny. He hit some lovely notes.

Then there was older stuff with which I was unfamiliar but still enjoyed... Like three songs. I need to bone up on my older Incubus. Always makes me feel dumb not to know a song.

Me and Lindsay

He played "Oil and Water," and was on guitar for it. It was great!

Couple more songs off of Science, including this one where he looked so amazing just rocking out... You can hear me in my joyous exclamations, unable to contain myself. Sorry.

They did "A Kiss to Send us Off," which was fun fun fun! I wanted a kiss to send me off... I didn't get one though.

Then, "I Wish You Were Here," which made me feel all sentimentally and sad. However, well done. If you heard this video you'd hear me losing my voice in my screaming. haha. "And in this moment I am happy... happy..."

Then "Let's Go Crazy"!!!! SO AWESOME! You can hear me losing my voice. I was very happy that they did this song.


"Punch Drunk," was another fabulous vocal by husband Brandon. "Sick Sad Little World," was a good rockout.

In the encore, they did "Warning"! Another of my favorites. I apologize for my singing again. But it's a good video! Remember, "in this cosmic jacuzzi, we are like frogs: oblivious."

And that's all I got. Seriously guys... The crowd was GREAT! There was no pushing or shoving! I was up at the front. I could breathe really well in the open air. I saw clearly and wonderfully, as did my camera. The band was great. Brandon was hot. My uncle was fun. I made new friends. All in all, a great success!

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I was hoping for white jeans, but alas. The pictures you provided more than made up for the lack thereof. Glad you had fun!