Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Noooo Moneeyyy

I've been trying desperately to eat at home more in the last little while. The last few days I've slacked pretty bad--Chili's and Pei Wei. But I will be back to eating at home--I bought some basic groceries yesterday. I must force myself.

I'm not in any large amount of debt or anything, but I really want to see my bank account grow, for a change. My spending habits were really, really bad in the last few months, and my bank account balance shrunk rapidly due to my larger-than-normal credit card bills (really expensive concerts, music, food, etc). Honestly, my balance was much, much lower than I have seen it in a while, which is sad, given the fact that I'm working WAY more than normal (48 hours/wk). Truly, my balance was dangerously low--I was REALLY bad. But due to recent increased self-control I will finally get caught up and spend less money than I make, and hopefully I'll have a good financial starting point for August 19th when I start teaching.

However, I have a few important things this month--a few birthdays, and a wedding present to spend money on. This is even more reason to not spend money on eating out (my weakness).

But what's a girl to do with Elizabeth and the Catapult coming to town at the end of the month? And what about THIS?

"Imogen's eagerly-awaited new album 'Ellipse' will be released in the UK on Monday August 24th and in the USA and Canada on Tuesday August 25th."

And what about Regina Spektor's new album which I do not yet have? What about THAT?!

That's a lot of fabulous new music that I'm supposed to resist--for how long? Ugh.

I am contemplating using www.musicmp3.ru or www.mp3panda.com again to make the most out of my music purchases. $.50 to $1.50 an album with those websites is much better than $9 or $10 anywhere else, even if it's by Russian legality. It's the internet, ch'all!

I bought Orange County and Just Married for $10 several weeks ago. I couldn't resist. And then on Friday I bought Dark Knight, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Taken for $20. However, like I said, I'm being conscious of my spending habits and really am spending a lot less than before!

In other news, there are way too many movies I want to see at the dollar theater right now. I tried to see Wolverine last night, and it was sold out! So I saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past instead. It was fun, though Matthew McConaughey's character drove me NUTS for most of the movie. I'll still see Wolverine--try for this weekend. Also, Monsters vs. Aliens and Brothers Bloom are both there. Who can resist a dollar, you know? I want to watch 17 Again again, but we'll be getting it at Blockbuster soon anyway. (As for what's at the regular theater) I want to see Public Enemies, Transformers 2, Ice Age 3, The Proposal, Year One, and My Sister's Keeper. Lots that interest me!

I am still working on my reading list for curriculum possibilities for this school year, which starts August 19th. WHOA! Someone pause time for me. I'm not ready. Thank heaven for the support of friends who are in the same boat. I have read Mississippi Trial, 1955, Nothing but the Truth, Out of the Dust, The Outsiders, and Walk Two Moons. Currently I am reading Dicey's Song. It's good thus far. I'll finish today or tomorrow. There are 20 left on the list, but only 14 which actually say 8th grade (the rest do not specify), and 3 of those specify 8th Enriched classes. So 11-14 more to get through. I don't know if I can do it before I need to start making some serious plans for the year.

Fourth of July weekend was difficult given my family's absence and a few other contributing factors. I tried really hard to make the best of it though. My family didn't come because of my Mimi's current status; we're still praying for Mimi--hope you all are too. I tanned on Friday and tried to keep myself busy--went to my baby cousin Ava's birthday party, and then I had to work. Saturday, Brianne came with me to Stadium of Fire, which improved the experience all around. On Sunday we celebrated Dylan's birthday at my Aunt April and Uncle Tyler's cabin in Heber. I took some pictures throughout the weekend, and you can see them here since I'm too lazy to post them. They're mostly of Tyce anyway. :)

I'm still working out 4-5 days a week and am trying to change it up a little bit. So that's going reasonably well. I've conquered the treadmill a few times--only for fifteen minutes at a time, until I feel I have improved and can do more. I feel healthy and fit, always a good advantage to my constant exercise.

The other night, I slept on my shoulder incorrectly, and it has given me grief for over 24 hours now. It was feeling better last night, but I must have slept on it and stressed it out again. It hurts really bad to put it in certain positions and rotate it certain ways. I'm sure it will get better soon, and it didn't stop my workout yesterday. I should probably ice it.

Recently I've noticed some people who deal with things similarly to how I deal with them--in tears. haha. I watch So You Think You Can Dance pretty regularly (I work when it's on, so I have to record it and watch it a few days after). But one of the dancers totally shut down in trying to learn a dance and found herself in frustrated tears because of it. I've been that way my WHOLE life. I've been afraid to do things because if I can't do them, I know I'll embarrass myself by crying. So I always play it safe and choose not to do those things. I also read a blog recently which recorded the experience of someone else who was a big influence in my life, who found herself in tears when she was unable to do something after a lot of effort. For whatever reason, it's made me feel much more secure that others shut down the same way I do when I can't do something. If someone is willing to show me, and not make me feel stupid, I can get past it and give it another shot, just like the dancer did and just like the other person I noted. It's nice not to feel alone in certain things--it gives you a kind of power and encouragement to do things you are afraid of anyway. I hope to present myself with more opportunities that take me out of my comfort zone. Believe it or not, the treadmill was one of those! I'm looking for more. :)

I have work, gym, and institute today. I have work, gym, and work at Blockbuster tomorrow AND Thursday. Friday I have work and gym. And I hope I can find something fun to do on Friday night. Saturday had better bring good weather for some more tanning!

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