Monday, July 13, 2009


I have to say, I have very strong feelings about this new acronym that is spreading around like wildfire.

FML = F--- My Life.

Now, I understand that we have complaints. I get that things don't always go right. I have trouble finding the positive sometimes, but I can honestly say that I do try to find it when I have the strength.

So this overwhelmingly negative little acronym really rubs me the wrong way. "I just got called into work. FML." Wow, seriously? In this economy, you're complaining about your job? Do you know how many people have come into or called Blockbuster in the last week asking if we are hiring? I work A LOT. I have almost NO spare time this week because of how much I work. But it's better than sitting at home wishing I could find a job!

"Something didn't go as well as I had hoped. FML." So do it better next time. Your whole life isn't in ruins because of a bad day.

I think I mostly hate the statement because it's like a forfeit. It's like, if something went wrong, then your whole life is suddenly a disaster. It's so bad, that you want to "f---" it.

Quit your bitching, people.

Things don't go as planned. Life is busy. Disasters happen. But that's the stuff life is made of. Everyday events, bad or good, make for awesome stories. Whatever happened to finding the good things? We live in America. We are so blessed in SO many ways. Google "starvation" and see how you feel, if you still feel validated in saying, "FML."

Try something like, "LML," Love My Life.

This week:

-Today/Monday: Work (till 4), gym (till 5:30), clean hardcore for cleaning checks (till whenever I'm done), maybe a movie
-Tuesday: Work (till 3:30), gym (till 5), institute (till 8:30, possibly clean again for cleaning checks
-Wednesday: Work (till 3:30), gym (till 5), work at Blockbuster (6 to 12:15 AM)
-Thursday: Work (till noonish?), birthday preparations and wedding shopping (till 4), and go to a concert alone (5:30 - late)
-Friday: Work (till 3:30), gym (till 5), work at Blockbuster again (6 to 12 AM)
-Saturday: Drive to St. George for my sister's wedding
-Sunday: Church (till 12:30), dinner/laundry at Grandma's (till 6:30), work at Blockbuster again (7 to 12:15 AM).

As you can see, pretty much every hour of mine is planned this week. My "spare time" will be used at the gym, and at a concert. Anything else I want to do which is fun (movies, what else?) will cut into sleeping time.


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