Monday, December 27, 2010

Meddy Christmas

Christmas this year was much better than I expected.

I'll be honest, I've had a hard time this year getting that warm Christmas feeling inside. I tried everything. I tried decorating, listening to Christmas music, having a Christmas party, Christmas baking, Christmas shopping... That feeling that was there even a few years ago was gone. It's hard to create that kind of serenity and happiness living alone, and it's hard to do it at home in California with so much noise and brothers lacking in Christmas spirit and enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, it was a REALLY good day without problems or snags of any kind.

I received

-Pajamas and socks
-Musical note wall decor
-Dish drying mat
-Spice rack
-iPod alarm clock radio
-Victoria's Secret undies
-A long, brown sweater thing
-Magic bullet
-Soup bowl
-Measuring cups
-Scentsy burners and wax
-a NOOK!!!! woot

And that's just from my parentals.

Jared got me a memory foam pillow--I was so happy about this. I wanted one so bad.
Jake got me a dark chocolate bar.
Grandparents got me dinero.
Rachel got me Beauty and the Beast on Blu-Ray, a cookie jar, and some French milled Shea butter soap.

We have yet to go to Carmen's, and she's always got some cool gadgets for me.  That's tomorrow :)

My break has been very uneventful which makes me extremely happy. I was a little anxious about how it was going to be, but things are much better than I anticipated.

I've been playing with my Nook--downloaded Mark Twain's Autobiography which I am stoked about. I managed to get most of my stuff fit into the spare suitcase I brought along.

Going to go get ready to have lunch with Allyn and Steph! I'm very excited to see them. Yay!

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