Saturday, December 18, 2010


You know, I am a believer in that God gave us bodily and natural mechanisms to defeat the health issues we face on earth. I think the body is an amazing self-healing machine, and I think nature provides what our bodies cannot.

On Wednesday I had a freak out episode. I do that once or twice a year, where it's that bad. I hadn't even thought of calming myself down, but I should have because I know that every time I freak out like that, I get sick. It's like my stress turns into a little virus ball and immediately spreads out. Thursday after school while I was doing more fruitless laboring on behalf of my students, I could feel that scratchy feeling in my throat. That one where you go, "Uh oh."

I was pretty disappointed because I had been planning a little Christmas get together for Friday. I had much work to do and wanted the energy to really enjoy myself.

So on Thursday, I took two Airborne tablets. And I had some lemon Echinacea tea (for "throat health") with honey. I slept quite well. Friday morning I was still feeling sluggish and yucky. I had more tea, more Airborne, and some Naproxen (I like Aleve better than Ibuprofen). I made it through the school day without coughing too much, and my kids were really good for the most part. Perhaps they were sympathetic to my plight? Mm... Nah. That gives them too much credit. When I got home, I took more Airborne, more Naproxen, and more Airborne.

I made it through Friday night with enthusiasm and minimal discomfort--occasional coughs.

Here I am on Saturday morning, pretty able and ready. I can feel the stuff in my chest loosening, but my coughs are productive and not excessive. I'm not sore, my glands are normal, and I feel about the same as yesterday. I think I conquered the sickness before it could get worse than this. And I honestly give the lemon echinacea tea most of the credit. Thanks, nature.

Nevertheless, I'm going to go get To Kill a Mockingbird on DVD from Murray library (which completes my lesson planning for next week. hehe) and make a stop at my complex's office. Then I'm going to veg on my couch and watch Christmas movies--I even rented the old animated kind. All of this right after I shower and make French toast.

By the way, here are the cookies we decorated. Don't be jealous. We're professionals.

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