Sunday, May 29, 2011


So yesterday was pretty cool...

I got up pretty early (because I went to bed really early) for a Saturday.

I made French toast for breakfast.

I got all my take-home grading done (and grades entered).

I got laundry done--including clean sheets!

I made a new Facebook page for my students only. This way they don't get to see all my pictures and personal status updates and whatnot. I thought it'd be a good way to keep in touch with them. So far I have 39 friends, and counting.

I went to Big! Lots and used my 20% discount that I earned on a new set of dishes. The ones I had were cute, but they're plastic, and so I kind of bowed my head in shame every time I went to feed someone.

So now I have real, heavy dishes. I still need two more of the small plates in red, and four of the bowls in black. But they have some on order, so I should be fine. And I'm keeping the plastic dishes for my future children's use. Extra dishes are good, right? I love red and black. I have red and black dish towels and a red kitchen rug too.

Then I went to RC Willey for a candle. I had like $16 left on a gift card and thought that would be the only thing I could get. But after picking out the candle, I wandered into the electronics and found an 8 MP webcam for $30. It takes good pictures! (I put the candle back.)

Then I went to Michael's, where I got some fake flower bouquets and floral tape for $4! I made these!

That's right, I did something crafty! Successfully, might I add. I even had to use a glue gun. Whoa. Yeah we'll see how long it takes my students to destroy them next year. But I used the really good BIC pens, so they can't complain at me anymore about how the pens don't work (when they could just use their own if only they'd BRING it!).

I went to PetCo to get some more fish food for Wallace. I don't think he cares. While we're talking about PetCo, can I just say how badly I want a warm blooded animal in my apartment? I really want to raise lovebirds again. They're just so loud, and it's such a hassle to have to find someone to take care of just my fish when I leave town. :( I feel like pets need to wait till I live in a more permanent situation.

I made barbecue Shake 'n Bake chicken last night, and corn on the cob. It was my first time making corn on the cob. It turned out quite deliciously, thanks for asking. 

In other news, school is out on Wednesday for 9th grade, Thursday for 7th, and Friday for 8th. I barely have any 7th and 8th graders so this week should be a breeze. Just last minute grading and whatnot (including journals that are getting turned in on Tuesday)... Yearbook signing, etc.

And I'm super stoked to sleep in tomorrow. That's all I got. Peace out.

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