Friday, May 13, 2011

Get Those Deals...

I love Big! Lots. I don't know how many times on my blog I've confessed this fact. But seriously. I really love Big! Lots.

My kitchen is red and black themed (even though I have a lot of white appliances, sadly)... So when I found a red bamboo bowl for my fruits/veggies, I was pretty excited. I paid $10 for it. But it's bamboo! and it's red! And I needed a legit bowl for that stuff, ya know?

*That there is the exact bowl that I purchased. When I went to find a picture of it, I found it here, where I learned that it costs $31. And how much did I pay? $10? Oh yeeaaaaah! Made me even more excited.

I'm big into hair removal, so I was pretty excited to get a Smooth Away kit for $2.50 where they are normally $10. I should probably just stock up, but anyway...

I got 30, count them THIRTY, Fiber One bars for $5. That's what I'm talkin' about.

Oh, and you know those Velveeta shells & cheese things? My old roommate used to live off those things. $1.40 a box. Don't worry about that cheap deliciousness.

I also may have splurged on some Emergency Chocolate Bars.

Because, let's be honest... Chocolate is always an emergency. And the packaging was just so dang cool. Rachel, I have a present for you, my dear. :)

I got a 3 pack of Pina Colada scented car fresheners which makes me really happy. Smells pretty good so far. But I really need to deep clean my car tomorrow.

Perhaps my favorite purchase today, though, after scouring shelf after shelf of bargain-priced DVDs... was this little ditty...

I LOVE About a Boy. Like, a lot. And I love Bridget Jones; she makes me laugh. And I've been meaning to give Love Actually another try (because so many other people love it, and I didn't). But um... 4 movies for $5? Widescreen, too. Can't beat that.

They had full seasons of Weeds for $6, but I didn't want to buy seasons two and three without season one, plus I haven't seen the show, so I'll wait on that I guess.

For reals, though? I love good deals. $5 for 30 Fiber One bars, $5 for 4 movies, $2.50 for Smooth Away, $3 for two Velveeta shells packages...

Plus, the weather today is AMAZING.

And I'm going to watch Unstoppable and Country Strong tonight. And maybe go see Atlas Shrugged Part 1 tomorrow. I'm halfway through the book, so I think I'll be OK without ruining the book for myself, right? 

Yeah, my life is awesome.

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StacyB said...

Yay for good shopping and great deals and happiness. Get well, lovey!