Saturday, May 14, 2011

Car Wash

I never wash my car.

Well, almost never.

Between the months of October and April (half the year. Thanks, Utah), I don't wash my car. Why drop even $6 to wash my car when it's going to get rained or snowed on anyway? What is the point of that?

So the weather's been nice the last couple days (almost 80 yesterday), and I decided yesterday that I would deep clean my car today.

I went and paid for the second best automatic wash. Then I vacuumed my car as thoroughly as I could. Some of the stuff is like permanently ingrained into the carpet because of snow and rain and stuff. Oh well. Maybe when I'm a rich guy I can pay for a car carpet shampooing.

I came home and dusted out the inside. 

I used glass cleaner on all the windows inside of my car.

I used Black Magic (like a polish/protectant) on the interior of my car. I even ripped out my center console and cleaned that very thoroughly.

Man, my car looks goooooood. And I'm excited. I want to go for a drive just to be in my clean car. And I want to give someone a ride somewhere, just so they can notice how clean it is.

But there's a 30% chance of rain here today, so I think I'll just do my lesson plans and go to the theater to see part one of Atlas Shrugged!

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