Friday, May 20, 2011

Flirtatious Teens and Money

Yesterday I had the "opportunity" to chaperone at a dance. I will receive a stipend for it, so whatever, ya know? I was standing off in the corner by the doors, preventing kids from leaving when some of my students spotted me.

One was the same kid who picked me up and spun me around on my birthday a few months ago. He likes to talk to me or find any reason to be near me. He stops by my room to say hi whenever he has a hall pass from another teacher. Anyway, he came over to me at least five times to just hang out with me. He tried to get me to dance. He put his arm around me, grabbed my arms to try to pull me out to dance, and all sorts of other awkwardness. Add on the fact that after grabbing my arm, he told me, "You're soft!" Wow. Only boyfriends are allowed to say that.

Then another student, who is a pain in the butt every day, came over to hang out with me. Then both boys stood on either side of me. This one made obnoxious, flirtatious, inappropriate comments. I can't even remember them now. But on his way out of the dance he said, "Bye Miss Balibrea. Bye Beautiful." And on his way into my classroom today, he said, "Hi, Cutie." Dude. Are you kidding me?


Last night I had the opportunity to attend institute for my ward where they were showing the first session of the Financial Peace University DVDs from Dave Ramsey. Man, it was so awesome. I'm extremely motivated now to put aside a little more every month. I think I'm going to take cash out every month to set aside for five months or so, so that I can start a CD account. Doing automatic transfer doesn't work for me because if ever one of my auto-pay charges is more than I plan on, the money comes right back out of my savings. It is so obnoxious. I'm done with that. PLUS, my RC Willey account will be paid off next month! I'm very excited about taking even more control financially. I even called my little brother (who's 13) to encourage him to put into action everything that I had learned in that one sitting. I ran all the numbers by him, and he was amazed. So anyway, I'm pretty excited to start this new financial chapter. The point of the first session is basically to "just start saving." So I'm going to start! I can handle that. I am looking forward to the other 12 DVD sessions in the weeks to come. I'm ready for this.

Today, one of my classes was pretty rotten. But after school, one of my students told me that, "I think out of all of my English classes, I've learned the most in yours." Even if I am the biggest wench ever sometimes, at least these kids are walking out knowing more than they did when they walked in. Right?

I used some coupons at Costco today that I'm pretty excited about. I always like using coupons. Shampoo/conditioner, foil, and a big box of Tide.

Then I came home and cleaned. I love having a clean apartment.

I'm going to hang out with my friend Audrey tonight, so that's going to be a fun change of pace.

And now I'm going to read more of my amazing book: Atlas Shrugged.

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