Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hypothetically Speaking

Let's say you were hung up on a guy for over a year.

Let's also say that he treated you like dog crap for most of that time (everyone else coming first, flaking out, never calling, ignoring your calls, etc.).

Let's say you repeatedly threw your heart at this imbecile.

Let's say that he repeatedly made the choice to put you last, to put himself first, and to never give you anything in return for your love and devotion.

Let's say he basically did everything in his power to push you away and make you feel unappreciated and unloved.

Now let's say he has a best friend.

This best friend may also be very attractive.

Motivated. Happy. Sensitive. Thoughtful.

... And very sweet, and basically everything opposite of your ex.

Let's say he has awesome taste in music and movies (and cars).

This friend openly recognizes that his friend was a total moron who took you for granted and insists that his friend was so lucky to have you.

We'll say that this best friend is always good for a conversation or interesting text experience.

And maybe that this friend likes to talk to you and makes really darling remarks without being too forward or overstepping the proverbial line.

Let's just say! This is all hypothetically speaking, of course.

Is there like, a rule, that says the best friend is off limits?

If there is, then I might break some rules.

I mean, y'know. Hypothetically speaking...


Rheanna said...

The best friend is absolutely NOT off limits. And especially if the original guy was a total tool. I say go for it.

Larissa said...

All's fair in love and war. There is someone for everyone. Good friends always encourage their friends to find love, no matter who it may be with. I recognize this post was a month ago, but that's my two cents:-)