Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boot Camp

So I blogged before about how I was doing a boot camp.

Things came up in February that sort of mangled my schedule up as far as exercising was concerned. But I soldiered on.

I completed four weeks of the BCx Boot Camp program through

And I felt like a total badass.

You wouldn't believe the push that these workouts required of me--some of them taking me about an hour and a half when all was said and done.

I don't regret it in the least. I was able to see what my body could do. My biceps are freaking AMAZING right now. Actually just my arms in general look awesome.

I felt so much strength and gained so much energy. It really was a great experience.

I had a friend say I looked like I lost weight. And another teacher asked a friend of mine how much weight I had lost.

In actuality, I didn't lose any weight (I wasn't really trying to, in my defense). But I am guessing my appearance is more fit.

It was really hard on my knees. I've had severe knee pain for a few weeks and am not entirely sure if it was due to bad form or something else. I haven't gone to the doctor yet.

But for the past few weeks I've settled back in to some cardio and less intense weight lifting routines. I see myself trying Boot Camp again though, maybe during the summer, if my knee feels better.

Just FYI though, guys, I'm a freaking BAMF.

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