Thursday, March 15, 2012

Unspeakable Joy

Yesterday was pretty good until after I got home from work.

I decided not to go to the gym because I was running on three hours of sleep thanks to an angel who stayed up talking to me (mostly listening, actually), walking me through some crazy emotions I was having.

I had a feeling I should make myself go to the gym anyway, but I ignored it.

So I sit down to write a couple of freelance articles instead (might as well be productive), and go to open the template I am supposed to use, and it tells me that the file is not found.

At the bottom right corner of my screen, I can see Dropbox struggling to sync.

For those of you who don't know what Dropbox is, it's basically like a web-based hard drive. But you can also install it as a regular folder on your computer. So I have it installed at home. When I save a document like I normally would on the computer, it syncs to the online database. Then I have it installed at work as well, so whatever I did at home shows up at work. There you have it.

It wasn't syncing and told me I needed to close a file I had open. I did that. I was confused. So I went online to the Dropbox website to make sure my files were still there or to see what was going on, and




I took deep breaths and kept calm, thinking it would fix itself within a few minutes.

A few minutes later, I found all my files. They were in a cached folder where Dropbox puts deleted files.

No big deal, right?

I should have been happy I found them!

Except that we are talking about 3,276 files that got totally un-filed and unorganized.

If you know me well, I don't have to explain why this is devastating to me. If you don't know me well, then let me inform you: I am an organization freak.

We are talking three years of teaching files and three years of organization work. Plus stuff for church, my freelance writing job, and my reading endorsement classes.

... Yeah.

I sobbed for probably over 20 minutes. With a 4-6 page paper to write this weekend, and no planning done for the coming term, plus narratives and journals to grade in the coming week, on top of needing to get an oil change and everything else there is to do... reorganizing 3,276 files was just not in my agenda.

I sobbed and sobbed. I was so, so devastated and tried not to pull out my hair.

I decided to just let it go that evening instead of getting started on it (then I would have been up all night and would not have stopped). I watched Billy Elliott on Netflix and went to bed by 10 PM.

I got to work this morning, graded a bunch of things, and started opening my folders to get to work on reorganizing everything. I just started to drag and drop when... what's this?

My files were restored.

My lesson plans. My articles. My church stuff. My unit plans. My journal prompts. My inquiry stuff. My texts. My novel materials. My writing materials. My grammar units.


In its rightful place.

I'm so glad I freaked out and sobbed last night because the joy that I felt this morning when I saw that is just indescribable. Sounds so pathetic, I know...

I called my mom and shared the news.

Then I proceeded to smile and laugh some more.

I could not stop smiling and laughing like a madwoman for about 20 minutes. Then every time I went to open a file today (which was all throughout the day, mind you), I smiled and felt my heart get lighter.

Don't worry, I  backed up all those files on my work hard drive just in case a syncing problem ever happens again. I will do this more regularly, I will!

That completely made my day. My kids were mostly good (except for 4th, I'm not sure why they were so chatty). I got TONS of grading and other stuff done. I'm just feeling very well put together right now, and very blessed.

Then the weather has been AMAZING for like three or four days in a row. 69 degrees and sunny today. Windows down, for sure.

I'm convinced that the only thing that would've made it better is free ice cream and a boyfriend with a motorcycle.

Then I thought of about 50 other things that would make my day better, but was just happy to have had such a good day!

(Don't worry, I finished it with some exercise, $$ article writing $$, a decent dinner, and a shower.)

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