Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Wise Steward

I keep up with the posts on Freebies 2 Deals. I have yet to take full advantage of the Wal-Mart posts that she does where deals and coupons are matched up to make free shopping trips for customers.

Today I pulled my Red Plum coupons out of the mail, dated them, and set them aside. I proceeded to scour the grocery store circulars for a good half hour, taking notes on the best deals. As I said in my last post, I paid $10 for $20 worth of groceries at Ream's, so I wanted to be sure what the deals were to take advantage before shopping anywhere else to keep my costs at a minimum.

Folks, let me just say that this whole blog is going to be full of fantastic deals that I got tonight. I am so proud of myself about my haul.

At Ream's, I paid an extra 37 cents. But what did I get for my $20 redemption? Bread, milk, cereal, Dole salads, yogurt, granola bars, gum, two Nissin Chow Mein meals, and more. I didn't get a receipt because it was a redemption thing I guess.
- I spent $10.37 on this deal at Ream's.

I headed over to Fresh Market because they had some sweet deals. You'll never believe this!
- It was buy 1, get 2 free on Colgate toothpastes. I paid $3 for 3 tubes of toothpaste! That's a freaking steal.
- Eggo waffles? $ .99. Yep. I got two boxes of waffles for $2 with the in-ad coupon. I probably would have gotten more if I had the freezer space.
- I had seen better deals on Michelina's frozen entrees and on butter at Smith's so I passed on getting these things even though it was convenient.
- Obviously I got other things like potatoes ($1), sour cream ($1.49 for 24 oz), bacon bits (do you see a few meals put together here?), baby carrots, and croutons
- I spent $14.57 total at Fresh Market.

At Smith's:
- I got myself an avocado for $ .79 (compared to $1 at Sunflower Market).
- 5 Michelina's entrees at $ .68 each.
- 2 lb unsalted butter for $4.
- I also may or may not have splurged on cookies (but they were a good deal too).
- I spent $10.52 total at Smith's

I'm really, really impressed with myself. This is me tooting my own horn, for sure.

The thing that's interesting though is that as I was unpacking my groceries, filling up my freezer and fridge, I was so full of gratitude. I have so much food. I just stretched $35 further than I think most other people would have been able to. My grandma gave me money to support me ($60, like I said in my last post), and I am trying to stretch it as far as possible, and be a responsible steward over the gift she gave me.

I still have my electric, Comcast, Netflix, and gym bills to be paid. I also will have to get gas another time or two this month. But I'm not worried at all. I have some money coming in in the next little while here from plasma donation and freelance writing. And I'm feeling comforted and blessed, having (mostly unhealthy frozen) food to last me for quite some time.

The Lord has been good to me, and I'm trying to be wise with the resources I've been blessed with.

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