Thursday, March 15, 2012

Utah Drivers

I don't think I need to even make this into a long story or go off about why I was so upset.

I was traveling west on 5400 south this morning, like I do every morning.

Off to the right there was a side street, where someone was trying to turn east onto 5400 south, and someone trying to turn west onto 5400 south.

Idiot turning west decided that since the east-bound car was in his way, he would just PULL OUT!

I was going 40 miles per hour and had to slam violently on my brakes (great, they'll need another replacement before I know it). I laid on my horn.

The person almost stopped as I was slamming on my brakes and then just kept going. It wouldn't have mattered at that point, I would've hit him on his rear drivers side back door.

My legs were complete jelly. Fortunately I only had about 4 more minutes till I arrived at work. I just couldn't believe that.

It could've been really bad.

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