Friday, February 4, 2011


Being sick is boring. I have two classes' worth of worksheets I can grade. But what have I done today?

I've eaten (Cream of Wheat, a smoothie, soup and crackers, chocolate cake).

I've had tea, naproxen, and Airborne. 

I've slept (not a lot, only 5 hours through the night and less than 3 a little bit ago).

I've watched TV (Price is Right, The Fast and the Furious, Where the Wild Things Are, A Beautiful Mind).

I returned a RedBox movie and got more tea at the store.

Booooriiiiing... Two more weeks till I go home.

I WILL say that lying in bed sleeping is so much more gratifying on a Friday when I should be at work than on a Saturday when I don't have to be anywhere.

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