Saturday, February 5, 2011

My "Type"?

I was reading a friend's blog recently, where he was explicating why he would like to find a Hermione-type girl. He gave reasons he would not pursue a Bella-type girl. I've never read the Twilight books, so I'm going only by film in this comparison, but I can't believe that was even a question amongst males. I guess I can understand that they'd want the needy helpless totally unfeminist girl. It makes more sense when I think of it that way.

Now I'm trying to think of a character in a book or movie who would be considered "my type."

At first I had nothing. But right when I typed that last sentence, two characters came to mind. One is Joel from Eternal Sunshine, and the other is Jesse from Before Sunrise (or Sunset).

Joel is boring. He is realistic. He has his crap together. Really, I think he'd be even too boring for me. He's not a go-getter and is probably the ultimate white personality. He also isn't very verbal or communicative (more white for ya). There would be problems, but he's not some unsung hero. He won't come riding in on a horse and smell like Old Spice. I like that. Most importantly, he is willing to take a chance on someone knowing that he might get hurt, and knowing their faults. He accepts the risk with a simple, "OK." Yes Joel, I'll take thee at thy word.

Jesse... Oh, Jesse. How I love that you are romantic enough to travel anywhere to see a woman you care about. And how I love that you are not unrealistic in the sense that you left all your hope in things that could have been; he moves on and takes life's jabs. He goes into situations with a measured amount of vulnerability--just enough to get to experience things, but not enough to get hurt. He is also very articulate and communicative, verbally and in writing. He wrote a book in the sequel, remember? His cynicism wanes as he gets older, but not his realism.

I don't see any ultra strong, diamond sparkly, blood-sucking heroes in my future. I don't see anyone writing me poetry (but that would be amazing). I don't see someone writing me a letter every day for a year without response (Nicholas Sparks, could you be more ridiculous?). I don't see someone serenading me in the bleachers of a school. And I don't see anyone with huge muscles or model looks. I don't see a master chef who creates candlelit dinners and enjoys walks on the beach. Nor do I see a man's man who brings down enormous game and lives at Cabela's.

I haven't pinpointed my type yet, but I think I've got a good idea of what is not my type. :)

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Rachel said...

I love too many types. This is my problem. That and my overwhelming need to be a dork in front of men. Oh, la vie.