Monday, February 14, 2011

The Payoff

My kids in Provo last year were much nicer, more appreciative, well behaved, and (insert any other positive adjective here) than my students this year.

I am friends with ONE student on Facebook because she is a lovely, mature, intelligent young woman. She messaged me on Facebook tonight, and I need to commemorate it.

hey ms. balibrea,
i know that i'm not your student this year and that i don't have the right to bother you with questions anymore but i figure one question won't hurt right? ok well, i'm taking honors this year and so a lot of times we end up having to learn things really fast because a lot of the other honor students know what we're learning already so that is kinda what happened to me this time and i was wondering if you could give me a little extra help with something i didn't really get.

i need a little help with how to write specific and vivid figurative phrases. i don't know why but it has been so hard for me to understand the concept and my head isn't getting it. ok well that's all, i hope you don't mind me still asking questions. i just know that if anyone can help me understand it , it would be you :)


OK, that last line? She is a girl after my own heart. Seriously? How cute is she. I responded, trying to be as helpful as I could within a few paragraphs. She answered back:

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! you don't know how much i love you for this, you are so sweet. i had already tried asking my teacher but she didn't help as much as you ;) she is a good teacher and she excepts a lot from us which gets us working, but even though she's been been teaching for 15+ years i think you taught us better on your first year, i mean it. thanks again.

I don't think I'll cheapen this with words. I hope every teacher gets several of this type of student in their lifetime.

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