Monday, July 18, 2011

Automobile Perverts

On my way back from Temple Square today, I had intended to get on the freeway at 400 South. But, what's this? Only carpools can get on the freeway right here? Freaking A.

I kept driving and turned left onto 900 West.

After heading south for a couple of minutes, a brown SUV to my right honks the horn.

I look at him. A below-average, trashy looking white boy. Making kissy faces at me.

"What the?!" I thought. I was so taken aback that I made a "What the?" face at him, and immediately looked back at the road.

Seconds later, he honked again.

"..." I looked to my right again.

(Careful, readers, it's PG-13 from here on out)

This time, his tongue was out of his mouth. He was moving his tongue in front of his top lip rapidly from left to right. His hands were still on the wheel. But I knew what he was insinuating.

Then I felt completely disgusted. I wanted to flip him off, but having an inkling of the type of person he was, I thought that might make the situation worse. Here's a case where being judgmental comes in handy, folks.

Instead of giving him the finger, I just looked straight back at the road again. Seriously? Does he really get girls from doing stuff like that?

I drove the rest of the way home, in awe over how a man doesn't even have to speak to or touch me to make me feel dirty and worthless.


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