Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Personal Space

So remember when the people at the beach stationed themselves WAY too close to me, when there was plenty of room?

How about the time on the 4th of July when Jonny and I had a spot on the grass and a group sat literally one foot away from us? Oh right I didn't tell you about that. Well, it happened. And believe it or not, it was Jonny who was in awe over it first. And we moved very quickly. 

Now how about at the gym? Twice this week I have had someone get on the elliptical right next to me when there were about seven of them open to my right, and about 11 open of them in the row behind the row I was in. Really, people? All these open elliptical machines, and you want to be right next to me? Why? 

Don't worry that the guy who did that to me today completely reeked, too. Thanks. I appreciate that. Double my fun. 

Maybe I just have an excessive need for personal space, since nobody else seems to be fazed by the fact that they're close enough to smell my breath when there's a surplus of space elsewhere. 


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