Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Letter from a Creditor

I get a lot of offers for credit cards in the mail. I should actually follow through one of these days on removing myself from the listing for them.

Especially because I paid the entire balance of one of my credit cards off today! Yeah baby!

I opened the letter, and it said something similar to what all of them say:


It's clear that you realize the importance of staying on track with your finances. But you need credit for those unexpected expenses."

No, Capital One. Do not try to persuade me to your evil ways with your lies and deception.

For I am doing what Dave Ramsey told me to and am building up my savings! You should save up for those unexpected expenses. In fact, if you're saving up for emergencies, then you are expecting them, and are totally prepared.

Emergency funds, y'all. Emergency funds.

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Becca and Greg said...

YES!!! Go Janae! Greg is doing the Financial Peace course right now, and we're doing the same thing. Started a budget, have our emergency fund, saving up for our next big purchase. It is awesome! :)