Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fuze Smoothies

When I first started making smoothies at the beginning of the year, I was limited in my vision.

I used frozen mixed fruit from Costco, yogurt, half a banana, and some orange juice. And it was delicious. Every time.

Then I started to switch it up. Instead of orange juice, I wanted to try Banana Colada Fuze.

Oh. That made my smoothies even better.

Then I started switching up the yogurts. Vanilla is great. But so is raspberry. And peach. And lots of other kinds! My smoothies just started getting exciting!

So when they had a 10/$10 deal at Smith's on Fuze drinks a couple months ago, I got lots of different kinds.

Some of them have not been so good. Banana Colada remains my favorite.

But today! Today I tried Strawberry Guava. Oh man. My smoothie is awesome. I can't even type this efficiently because I keep stopping to drink it.

FYI: The Peach Mango one is also good. Tropical Punch is OK. And I've got lots more to try.

Life has been good lately! I finished Stargirl in two days. I read Seedfolks today at the gym. I think I'll be teaching those two, The Giver, and a fourth book (to be determined--Esperanza Rising?) to my seventh graders this next year.

I've been at the gym every day but Sunday. I went to the pool yesterday and got way dark. It's beautiful outside again. I'm going to a free concert tonight--The Decemberists! And found out that Bright Eyes will be playing for free in August. Yeah! Things got rolling with my calling last night, finally, and I am excited!

And many interesting things have been happening... In coming blogs, get ready for: My plunge into Twitter, how not to initiate conversations at the pool, and my brief dumpster dive.


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