Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 de Julio

Note the amazing irony in the fact that for America's Independence Day, I put the blog title in Spanish. I am so funny. Laugh with me.

Fine, don't.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, really. I'm used to being in Provo where I can head to the Freedom Festival to look at booths and eat delicious food and whatnot. Plus I think I've missed one Stadium of Fire in the last 15 years or something. This year was one of those years. And not that I think Stadium of Fire is ever super awesome, it's still something to do, and it's fun, and it's tradition. So I kind of missed it.

Anyway, yesterday I went to the gym. Then I showered. Then I went to the store. Then I made cookies (only 6 of them--which I burned, sadly. I refrigerated the rest of the dough).

Then I went to Traverse Mountain to get free food and hang out with my family at their local park. It was mostly for kids--water slides and bounce houses and whatnot. I did see my friend Nephi there, so that was nice, for like, 10 seconds.

I headed back home and made myself look presentable.

Jonny came and picked me up. We headed to West Jordan to check out their carnival. I was hoping it'd be a little more like Taylorsville Dayzz in size and quality. It wasn't. And I'm not sure how many mullets I saw while I was there, but it was a lot.


Seriously though, there were some shady, sketchy people at that carnival. We left.

I'd like to mention at this point in time how disgusting the weather was yesterday. Holy humidity, Batman! It was so muggy and hot and gross. I was constantly sticky-damp with sweat. Nasty. Really nasty.

So given the quality of people in the area, and the lack of things to look at, we skidaddled indeed. We headed to our favorite dessert place: Red Mango, where they ran out of Original flavor. I didn't want any of the other flavors. Raspberry cheesecake? Vanilla? Coconut? No. No, thank you. I just want plain old yogurt. He got vanilla and seemed pretty happy with it.

Then we braved the Sugarhouse traffic.

Holy toledo. it was nuts over there. I knew it would be, but geez. Fortunately, my chauffeur was not a stress case and dealt with the situation like a champ. We parked several blocks away (and I've got a painful blister on my toe from my flip-flop to prove it) and walked over.

It was a really fun time using the porta potties. For some reason, people wanted to congregate in the poo arena. It was bizarre. But we really had to go! So we did.

We found a spot to sit in, laid down the blanket, and watched the 'works. The show was good. The crowd was loud, and huge. So we hung out for like an hour after everyone dispersed, to not face the human traffic, or the car traffic.

Oh, and I had glow in the dark necklaces. Here is my date modeling them for you:

And here we are being cute.

All in all, a slow day. But not bad by any means. How could it be bad when you get to look at a cute face like that?


Brianne said...

Holy cow your hair is getting SO long! I love the picture of the mullet. :)

Becca and Greg said...

Hahahaha!!! So the apartments that are just north of the West Jordan park...yeah that's where we live! And we were totally at the carnival on the 4th as well!

and thanks for the invite!! I love me some good writing and laughs!! :)