Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I despise apartment hunting.

I despise moving.

It seems like no place has all of the qualities I desire in an apartment. And it's not like I'm being picky here, people.

We're talking about:
- Maybe 600 square feet (room for my furniture)
- Basic kitchen amenities (fridge, stove/oven, dishwasher, cupboard space)
- Heat and A/C options
- A bathroom that's not inside the bedroom (male guests, if you've got to pee, won't you please take a walk through my untidy private quarters where there may or may not be undergarments lying around? sorry about that)
- A closet in the bedroom (I think it's sad that I have to put this on here)
- Washer and dryer hookups (or at least onsite laundry)
- Covered parking (street parking? are you serious?)
- Plugins for cable TV and a phone jack for DSL internet

I mean, I can do without overhead lighting. I can deal with limited cupboard space. I can sacrifice extra storage space and closets. I'll even manage to do my laundry somewhere else.

But this is a little ridiculous. If I find a good sized, good priced unit, it has the bathroom in the bedroom. If I find one with covered parking, there's no dishwasher. If I find one that's super cute and roomy, it's not modern enough for phone jacks.

I mean I understand that there's give and take, but this is really just getting to be silly.


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