Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Mr. Williams

Dear Justin Williams,

Thanks for auditioning for American Idol tonight. Being that you live only 30 minutes from me, I was hoping I could interest you in marrying me.

The things I love about you are: your beautiful, scruffy face, your lovely blue eyes, your Nephi-like stature, your amazing singing voice, and the fact that you sang, "Feeling Good," in your audition.

Let's set a date, my dear.


Really though, I love American Idol. I know the process sucks. I know it's rigged as all get out. I know its downfalls, OK? But all of the amazing talent that I get to witness who did get through to the judges' round makes it so worth it. I love So You Think You Can Dance. I love to watch bodies move and express emotion. It brings something out in me sometimes; I sit in amazement at the things those dancers do. But I've grown up on music. I love voices. They touch me deep in my soul. Something about smooth tones, good vibes, unique sounds, speaks to me in the deepest regions of my being. The power of song and of voice is incredible to me. I was moved to tears and choked up several times tonight by the talent I heard on my television. I love this show.

And Justin Williams. /swoon.


Atul said...

Mr Williams! are u reading this? all the best Janae!

Anonymous said...
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Karli Woolley said...

We are probably going to watch tonight after the temple trip. You are SO invited :)

Rachel said...

i love your blog Janae! And I want to find you this Williams character!!! I think it can easily be done...