Monday, January 4, 2010

New Suede Shoes. And Fred.

Not really. But I did get a pair of solid black Vans like I've been wanting since the school year began. I'm happy I made that choice on Saturday. I've been walking in comfort ever since. Except for the first day because my left foot is bigger than my right foot (the heart side?) and my left shoe was super tight. It's all good now.

In other news, my lovely friend Caitlin bought me some Sensual Amber body cream from Bath & Body Works a couple birthdays ago. I've since wanted the matching body spray because I hate having mismatching sets. So they were out of the spray on Saturday, but I bought the perfume which came with a free lotion. Then I couldn't resist the miniature Sensual Amber shower gel, so I got that. Then there were foaming handsoaps (Kitchen Lemon scented!) for $3 that I couldn't resist either. Conclusion: Prepare to spend money if you go into Bath & Body Works. Too much good stuff there.

I've started off the new year right by attempting to be social and go to FHE. Go me.

First day back at work was really fun. My sixth period was a little out of control, but I'll soon remedy that by attending a Conscious Discipline lecture series. In any case, it was good to be back in the habit and feeling productive. Plus, I love my kids.

I watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was fun enough, considering it was free.

Oh yeah, and

I got my car broken into last night. I may or may not have left my car unlocked on accident. (Give me a break, I usually lock it when I get out but had to get my laundry out of the back seat and had my hands too full to do it with my keychain.) I got to my car this morning and my seat was all the way back. Those of you who know me know I'm 5 feet tall, so the car seat definitely should not be all the way back. My sunglasses were thrown from my console into my drink holders. And I could tell the villain had rummaged through my glove compartment.

The perpetrator was definitely male, seeing as he didn't want my super cute Arnettes for girls. 

I'm sure he was ecstatic to find a wallet full of money coupons which could save him some cash, since apparently he's pretty desperate for it. Really though, I keep my coupons in a wallet in my glove compartment. So I can only imagine the disappointment that was on Fred's silly little burglar face. I wish I could have seen it.

Dumb bastage, thinking I'd leave valuables in my car. P.S. I'm Provo Police Department Captain's granddaughter. Just because I'm dumb enough to forget to lock it doesn't mean I'm dumb enough to let you take advantage of me, Fred! Don't mess.

Lock your doors, my friends. Lock your doors.

Just for your information: Somehow, a little insect got into my car light. He is roasting every time my doors open. It bothers me to have him hanging out above my head every time I'm in the car. Would it bother you?

Rayden Stanley survived Grandma's house and is thriving. He plays silly tricks on me, like taking naps sideways or belly up. But I've had him for over three months now, and I think we have a pretty good interdependent relationship going on.

Me and Best Buy are not friends. Our battle has ended though, so we shall remain separate and peaceful for the time being.

I have run out of space on my DVD shelves. This will be remedied sometime this year when I move the freak out of Provo, far away from past ... errors. I'll have more space and money for furniture. That's the plan.


Karli Woolley said...

Once I left my car unlocked (on accident as well) and when I got in I thought "well, nothing in here is worth stealing anyway." I looked over and they had stolen my iPod transmitter. Of course, on the one day I don't lock my car. Bastards.

Abby Q. said...

Wow you've had quite an eventful day! I am glad nothing good got taken from your car, what a relief! Though your account of the discovery made me smile. And I still can't believe you are a teacher, that makes me feel so...small compared to you! :)

Hambone Jacobs said...

Nothing feels worse than being violated through a stranger rummaging through you possessions.

Move to orem or Lehi or springville. You won't have to deal with the stupidity of others... :)