Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some Realizations

I think we are constantly learning. Like, all the time. But we mortal beings are too thick headed to catch on the first time.

So I've learned for the 1,578th time that I need to leave it all up to the Lord. I'll get what He knows I need, in His due time. And I need to be patient. Thanks, patriarchal blessing.

I'm learning again that only the Lord's opinion matters. 

And I'm learning that all I can do is my best, and let the Lord make up for where I fall short. (Plus hope others forgive my shortcomings.)

I've also learned that imperfection can be used as an excuse to remain imperfect.

I've chosen not to do that.

So today, I took a gigantic step forward, for the first time since I was a Beehive (I can't believe I'm putting this on my blog; I'm so, so ashamed, seriously). I received my limited temple recommend.

I'm not perfect. I haven't been perfect, ever. I never will be. And I can keep using that as an excuse to stay at my same level of imperfection, or I can let the Lord make up for my failings, and use that to grow even more. So I've gotten a recommend. And I intend to use it this week.

I hope that there I will obtain the peace I've had such a difficult time finding lately.

This emotional, impatient girl needs to recall that for some reason, her Savior loves her. And this frustrated girl needs to remind herself frequently where to find peace.

OK, temple. Here I come. 


Brianne said...

When you going? I am always looking for someone to go with...even if my hair does get wet. ;)

StacyB said...

Well then, you should go. It is right there close to you and will make you feel better.

Kristina said...

I agree with you completely on this, Janae. Keep doing what you're doing and following the Lord's word. :) Much love.