Sunday, February 28, 2010

Troubled Waters

Things I love:

-The gospel
-Inspired leaders and friends (friend and RS president Holly said some things today that I loved)
-The hymn entitled "I Believe in Christ," and the line that says "He lives to calm my troubled heart." Gets me every time
-Consistent home teachers
-My patriarchal blessing
-Good roommates
-Family, friends and colleagues who read my blog and support me or cheer me on (thanks Camille M, Breezy, Becky, Tonia, and everyone else)
-Bangs that cover a zit
-The phrases "holy buckets" and "Merlin's beard!"
-When people laugh at my jokes or tell me I'm funny

I realized today that I'm at one of those pivotal points in my life. You know, "You're starting high school! What a big girl you are!" "You're applying to colleges! I can't believe it!"

Now I'm graduating college (never you mind that I just typed "graduation" instead of graduating, guess I'm ready for it, eh?) and trying to find a "grown-up job." With the job market (especially the teacher job market) being what it is right now, I'm feeling all sorts of scared and tense. So I thought I'd write a blog about things I love after having a brief meltdown yesterday. It had been a couple of months; I'm allowed to do that, right?

So, please keep me in your prayers so I'll know what direction to go and where to apply and seriously pursue a job. I am really feeling like difficult and diverse schools are where I want to be. As in difficult students, continuation school, inner-city status. If you don't want me to be in that situation then I suggest you pray hard because that's what I'm feeling strongly about in the last week.

Time to go to bed, for it's back to the gym tomorrow! :)

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