Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Birthday Stuff

I love free things. But you know that already!

So far I've gotten free dessert coupons from:

Cold Stone
T.G.I. Friday's

And free food coupons from:

Red Robin

More to come, I'm sure (including from Baskin Robbins, chyeah!).


Fraser's and Co. said...

girl... we are cut from the same cloth! I am SOOO like you on this one. I pick up coke rewards points off the road on my runs (and even out of other people's trash cans!!) I think I picked up 30-40 box ends while on our cruise because they bring the drinks in in 12 packs, and I made our waiter collect them for me. I am on my 6th or 7th round of $25 Nike gift card (oh yeah... and combine that with 25% off clearance... and free shipping!!!) see... we can share the same padded cell when we are old

Lisa Petrarca said...

I need to get on lists like know how your aunty NEEDS free stuff! LUV U!