Sunday, February 21, 2010

Simply Irresistible

We had a late birthday party for me tonight at my grandma's house. She is so cute. She put balloons up and had tons of presents for me. She made my favorite dinner--chicken and dumplings. She even got me an amazing carrot cake from Cakes du Fleur in Salt Lake. It was so, so good.

My aunt April got me a book called Fearless Dating, so we'll see if that helps me become more fruitful.

My grandma and grandpa got me a black shirt that says "Rock on!!!" which I love. They got me cute heart slippers. They got me a "throw blanket with sleeves," aka an off-brand Snuggie. It's pink with red hearts. They got me a red mug that says "hugs" with extra creamy Hershey eggs in it. They got me a little soft stuffed bunny rabbit because I miss my baby Sam. And last, but not least, a Scentsy burner. It's heart-shaped and so cute. She got me four scents to put in it: pomegranate, fruit basket, apple pie, and last but not least, "Simply Irresistible."

Names don't lie, folks. It smells so good, that I think it may be the cologne of the man my man could smell like.

Seriously though? This particular fragrance reminds me of Lucky You cologne for men. And it makes me want to jump someone's bones. Mmm...

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Atul said...

Fearless Dating? seriously?