Saturday, February 20, 2010

Follow the White Rabbit

My aunt makes this antique jewelry. She made me a necklace with a Chinese coin on it that has a rabbit's head. I am the year of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. Here is a picture of my necklace.

I went to Barnes and Noble today, and the guy at the checkstand was like, "What does that mean? Follow the white rabbit?"

I responded, confused, "What? My necklace?"

"Yeah, have you ever seen the Matrix?"

"Yeah, I love that movie... but what the freak are you even referring to that for?"

"I was just wondering if that's what your necklace meant. You know, like, follow the white rabbit, that part in the Matrix?"

"No, it's just because I'm the year of the rabbit."

I then proceeded to ignore his little joke with an awkward chuckle and asked if there were any more gift cards.

I feel bad that that was his attempt at a joke and that I totally squashed it because I just didn't know what the crap he'd be referring to the movie for and also because it wasn't funny.

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