Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad Driver

Last time I was home, I left my license in my coat pocket the whole time. I keep it in there while at the airport for easy access.

I kept thinking every day, "I should really put my license back in my wallet..."

Well, I didn't.

So a few minutes before leaving for the airport, I realized I had lost my license. It must have fallen out of my coat pocket.

Dang it. I called everywhere that it might have been. No one found it.

Must be time to get a Utah license after five and a half years here, anyway, right?

I had an expired California license in my desk drawer at home that I used as proof of driving experience. They punched holes in it. I'm hoping someone finds my non-expired one so I can still have it as proof that I'm actually a good driver.

*Picture taken when I was 15, by the way. 

So I went to the stupid DMV. I made an appointment. I thought I had all my documents ready. Not so. My credit card statement was more than 60 days old, and I had to scramble for some other "piece of mail" to prove my residency. So annoying. After a crazy ordeal and after sweating because of it, they took my picture, so that turned out awesomely, of course.

I passed the open book driving test with a 24/25. Woot!

Anyway, here's my official "awful driver" card.

No offense, Utah friends. I love you. It's just a general statement. You know. Like all California girls are airheads. Or something.

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